Learning from Others!

Our class recently read a book together. In this book there was a girl who was deaf. The book did such a good job showing inclusion and how education can look differently. I am so lucky to have a Braille program at our school so I asked my co-worker I she could possibly come in a tell us about he things our blind student does is school. She was more than happy to! Not only that, but we turned it into a peer teaching opportunity and the blind student was able to teach our class himself! He did so good reading and typing braille. He also showed us how he adds on an abacus and showed us a fun braille jumping game. My class loved it!

It was so cool to see my students being so inclusive and supportive to their classmate.


So Much Love <3

Last weekend, I found out how much love and support my 3rd graders can give! I got a call on Friday during last recess from my mom telling me that my little brother was walking home from school (in Las Vegas, NV) and 4 guys jumped him. He had stolen stuff and a broken nose. I was so emotional! I quickly made plans to go out and see him for the weekend. I have such good coworkers who took over my class and helped my plan lessons for Monday. I love my coworkers! They are amazing!

On top of that, many of my students came to me with adorable cards saying how sorry they were and hoping my brother was okay. I love my job and my class!

Good News: My brother is doing well. His nose is painful and has an appointment with the ENT next Tuesday. No word on the guys who did it. But they’d better not run into me. IMG_3117

Attack of the Leprechaun

Being a teacher is so much fun! The students get so excited when you do simple things like hide their chairs for the day. (“simple” might not be the right word because I had to cart all of those chairs out of the room and hide them under the stairs. It was exhausting.)

We also graphed Lucky Charms on St. Patrick’s Day. I love finding lessons that and so fun but also teach my students a concept!


One of my favorite teaching tools that I've had the pleasure to use this
year is 

MindUP is a curriculum designed to help students understand how the brain
works and how to deal with stressful emotions. I like the lessons being 
connected to the brain because I think students really start to understand 
that brains cause us to freak out sometimes, it's just what they do. 
MindUP takes that knowledge on step further and gives students strategies 
that will help them deal with stressful situations. 

MindUP is grade-level appropriate. There are 3 different versions of the 
book, depending on the age you teach. There are so many actives that you
can do. Hands-on, pictures, graphic organizers, games, etc. MindUP really
makes their curriculum easy for teachers to read and teach.

I forgot one of the coolest things about MindUP, Goldie Hawn started it! 

Check it out! 


MindUP Books

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