Welcome to 3rd Grade!

This blog is dedicated to the many adventures a 3rd grade teacher faces 
throughout the year. After flooding my FaceBook account with so many 
stories and pictures, I decided that I needed a place to get everything 
I feel like this blog will be unique because I am a FIRST-YEAR teacher.
If I keep up with it, hopefully this will be the place to keep a career's 
worth of stories and advice.
So..... here we go! 

A little about me....
My name is Ms. Gutierrez and as I said before I am a first-year 3rd grade 
teacher. I started teaching Mid-year last February(2016) after the previous
teacher decided to retire. I love my job and do all I can to help my class.
I just started Grad School getting my Master's in Curriculum and 
Instruction with and emphasis on Reading. I help run Student Council 
Club and well as tutor students twice a week. I do all of these things 
(mostly) because I am a single mother to as awesome 2nd Grader. I am 
blessed with a cute little family and a job that can support us. 

I hope this blog gives myself (and maybe other teachers) a fun place to 
visit and share.

Kid Quotes

Talking to students during group discussion, "Make sure to give everyone a
chance to speak. Try not to only pick your friends."

Students, "But..... Ms. Gutierrez we're all friends in the class."

I love this!

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